A cheaper LPG price for your business

LPG Solutions are an independent LPG consultancy specialising in the negotiation of supply contracts for both new and existing bulk LPG users. Just fill in the details below and we will use our expert industry knowledge – we have over 25 years experience – and market intelligence to find the best deal for you. We have saved LPG users like you many thousands of pounds.

We offer a free consultation to those using LPG in business, to ensure you are receiving best value and customer service.


Why use LPG Solutions?

We have many years of experience within the LPG industry and are fully conversant with pricing practices. Due to the volume of business we place with suppliers we are able to obtain beneficial prices.

We know which LPG Suppliers are most likely to want your business.
We appreciate that LPG is critical to your business therefore stock management and receiving deliveries when you want them is crucial.


What can LPG Solutions offer?

We will talk to LPG gas suppliers on your behalf, ensuring you receive a competitive LPG gas supply contract.
If you are in contract with your existing supplier we will check your agreement and tariff are fair.
We will compare your prices and produce information as required.
We have various pricing options available including fixed terms and cost plus contracts.


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